How Do You Stand Out In An Ocean Full Of Rain Drops?


How do,  You stand out in an ocean full of rain drops?

Needs, leads, and profits. This has always been the way you help businesses to become successful, those remain the same, the only thing has changed is the tools we use to deliver the success.

Many of you have been in business longer than I have been alive, and the old tried and true methods of doing business are dwindling away, or are they?

The true answer is no, the old ways still exist, the marketing has changed, the delivery of products and services have changed, but the core principles of doing business remain the same. All you need is to leverage the new technology to create your business success.

What I am going to share with you today is the process you can use to bring your business forward and make your business successful again.

Email is a terrible way to do business, you have heard this before, you have also heard that Email is a great way to do business, so who is right?

Well, email is a terrible way to do business, but it is a great way to do marketing. Knowing your customer is a great way to do business.

At Kendrick Creativ we stay up to date with the new marketing platforms and mediums so you don’t have to, we specialize in marketing, digital, and print. We had to change gears and move with the times to stay relevant many years back, just as you did. It is your job to run your business and help us set the goals, it is our job to help you reach them.

Use Social Media to engage your customers, not to advertise to them, today we see so many companies use social media to advertise, and that is not what it was created or intended for. So yes I am saying they are using it wrong. This is why Social Media Campaigns show far little success than they should. it is kind of like hackysack, just because you don’t know how to do it, does not mean it does not work. 🙂

Make your posts via your website, social media, or marketing email meaningful, give your customers a reason to read them. Information is key, knowing your customers and knowing what they are interested in will give you so much more in your marketing campaigns, you really need to study up to effectively engage your customers.

You also need to know how your customers are receiving your content, most likely it is on a mobile device, consider this when putting together your campaign, if you are building for larger mediums and then you may not be delivering the best user experience.

A year or so back there way a great buzz phrase “Mobile First” few really ever followed it, but it had a lot of validity since everything was moving toward a mobile market it once again changed how we do marketing, however slight it might have been.

In this ever-changing market, you really have two choices since ceasing to exist is not really a choice. Your choices are, pay attention to the changing market and change with it, or hire someone to do this for you.

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