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Web Maintenance and Web Design

Working Hand In Hand to Boost Your Success

Keep up your web site design and maintenance on a regular basis.
Keep up your web site design and maintenance on a regular basis.

Web maintenance and web design go hand in hand. To be well-known in the Internet, you must have both of them and they should work together to have a successful business venture online. While not all websites require a full-time webmaster to keep them up and running, having one on retainer, hopefully the folks who build your website are worthy of maintaining it too, for monthly checkups or quarterly maintenance is always a good idea. Even if you are running an awesome WordPress website with a fabulous theme and wonderfully functional, paid and supported plug-ins, even these things take time to ensure they’re updated, functional, and current with your needs. Also depending on your tools and resources, you are hopefully running some analytical tools (Google Analytics, Webalizer, or Awstats for example) to better gauge your site’s efficacy off more than intuition; here too a webmaster already familiar with the tools can collect, collate and comprehend at a faster, cheaper rate than your time and aggravation – design and ongoing maintenance are often best handled by the professionals.

There are questions regarding your web maintenance and web design that you should ask yourself and these can help you in keeping an updated, well-maintained and interactive website.

The first question that you must ask yourself is “what’s the main objective of your website?” What is the purpose of setting up the website? Is it to sell a product, provide a service, disseminate information, sell an advertising space or is it made to be a platform for your business deals? The purpose of setting up your website must be clear.

The second question that you should ask is “what are the goals?” You have to set specific goals so that you could have a guide as to what are the set-backs or failures and what do you consider as achievements.

During the conceptualization of your design, you must ask yourself about the image that you want to project. You have to be consistent and you should project your image clearly.

Aside from these questions, you should also consider several factors that might affect your web design and web maintenance. One of these factors is the usability of your web design. Usability is a major factor that centers on your site’s navigation. This covers the sidebar navigation, search fields, tabs, bottom links and site maps. You should test the usability of your site so you can experience it firsthand and be able to discover the glitches that might occur. In testing the usability of your site, you should use real people and conduct real tests. You should make the necessary actions to correct the glitches and do a follow-up to check if the glitches are corrected. Making a follow-up is one of the web maintenance’s most important tasks.

Another factor to be considered is the web design’s content. Search engines read, categorize, and rank the content of your website. If you have an informative content that is web-friendly, then your business is likely to succeed especially if you use hyperlinks, meta tags, title tags and keyword density. These are the things that contribute to your website’s visibility on the search engines.

Your website must be interactive. You have to include contact information in your site so that your customers can contact you for feedbacks or if they have questions or concerns.

Lastly, you must have an extended web maintenance plan. This will give you the assurance that your site is well-maintained and still has an edge thus it can compete against your rivals in the online business industry. The plan can be made while you are making your website and you can add scalability and ease of updating into your web design. With this, you can update and change your content easily like having additional pages on your site for new products, services and topics.

Web design and web maintenance are two separate units that works hand in hand to create a powerful, efficient and effective website. Web design and web maintenance can make your site very visible and it can help you generate more income.

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