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Choose Domain Names Carefully

In choosing a domain name there are some things to consider especially if you want your domain name to be recalled by web users easily.  You can create or choose your own domain name or you may also purchase it from other people. Domain names could be quite expensive especially if it is a good one.

To somehow lessen your worries in choosing a good domain name; just take note of the following tips below; and for sure, you will get the great amount of traffic that you want for your website. This article would greatly help the newbies who have no idea about domain names.

  1. Be cautious in using Characters. If you want to use characters like numbers or letters in your domain name it must be as minimal as possible. Numerical characters are already gone, and if you wish to use it, you will have to pay a hefty price. Make sure that your domain name must not exceed 23 characters. A simple phrase with a minimal number of characters will be great as a domain name.
  2. Check for the Popularity  of the domain name that you will use. Make sure that you will use a domain name that is popular in many websites like, or Try to make a research to find out what is the best domain name and try to customize or revise it for a change.
  3. Choose keywords carefully. It is suggested that you only use 2-3 keywords that can be used as phrases when web users are searching for something. For example, do not ever use the domain name like Sacramentohotelaccommodation because no one will surely type that on any search engine box. Keyword phrases like PartyDecors or Articlewriter are example of great keyword phrases for your domain names because these are common and very easy to find. Do a thorough research to find the best keywords that are suitable for your domain name. It may take some time but it will really help you.
  4. Choose the most common extension. In the world of domain names, it is important to have the so-called “extension”. The most valuable and popular extension in the world is “.com”. However, there are some people who are using “.biz”, “.uk”, or even “.us”, these extensions are not common and as popular like “.com”; that is the reality. So if you want your domain name to be recalled easily, use “.com” as your extension.

Although domain names play a vital role, it is just one of the many factors that have influence the Search Engine Optimization of a website. Also, remember that, you must be careful in selecting domain names because it is permanent, once you acquire it; it’s already hard to change.

Whatever domain name you choose, try to consider the guidelines enumerated above and observe if it makes any difference in your page rank, back links, or traffic.

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