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Advertising Online means Advertising Effectively!
Advertising Effectively Online

As we all know you could build the “mall of the world” in the Sahara Desert and that does not mean people will flock to it; that would truly be a field dreams – and staying in a dream state is probably the only way to make that happen. To be effective, our mall would need to be in a place that would have an already or concurrent building of other infrastructures; the same is true for building a website: for it to be effective and visited, it requires appealing and affordable storefronts, but it must also be supported by other infrastructure like advertising effectively. A website alone is not advertising depending on how its visitors are introduced to it. It comes down to a few basics:

  • It’s not what you are selling, but to whom you are selling.
  • It’s not what you are selling, but how you are selling.
  • It’s not what you are selling, but how effectively you are advertising.

After you have the necessary familiarity of your product inside and out, these basic concepts should be addressed to make sure you are advertising effectively.

Who is Your Target Audience

It’s not what you are selling, but to whom you are selling. Who is your target audience? Different demographics, certainly age for starters, may respond differently to different types of advertising. Establishing ethos and logos can be important in any type of persuasive writing, but for quick, converting online advertising that works it is essential to be able to powerfully and effective grab the pathos from the start and that starts by knowing how different demographics will respond differently to different angles of approach.

How Are You Selling

This too will generally differ from slightly to greatly depending on your product and the aforementioned demographics research, recommendations and target audience(s). This involves more than literary elements or age, but also increases in variables between textual, image and the ever present and very popular short video online advertising avenues available.  Furthermore, it is imperative in this and other topics and subtopics surrounding this subject to ensure that you are not limiting yourself to one method of thinking, or, more specifically, delivery. For example, we hopefully know that not just links but good quality content counts in search engine optimization (SEO) and along those lines, don’t limit yourself to just putting good sales copy on your website alone about your product or service. Consider the perfecta bet approach: write up a great article about your company, product or service and publish it off-site (on another site) with a link back to your product or service specific page.

Are You Advertising Effectively

Adertise Effectively and Economically
Adertise Effectively and Economically

Obviously if you are following some good research, analysis and informed (idiosyncratic to your site, market, etc.) advice outlined above and then some, you are still not necessarily 100% ready for online advertising. Just as our earlier example required a little spatial, out-of-the-box thinking, this subtopic deserves a little unconventional approach sometimes too. More importantly, in regards to online advertising effectively means doing so efficiently and economically. While search engine and other pay per click campaigns can be a gold mine, make sure it is your gold that is piling up and not the publisher or publishing networks! One good example might mean drilling down your keywords to be more specific in your ad campaigns. It is better to get fewer clicks that have a higher conversion rate than hundreds of clicks with no benefit … except to the publisher.

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