Our Team

We work and think outside the box, so you don’t have to.

Our Bunch

We are creating new perceptions. Our bunch is made up of designers, programmers, professional internet marketers, and search engine specialist. Though we all come from diverse backgrounds, states, and beliefs, one thing we all have in common is our passion for change. We all have learned positive perceptions can change anything into something exceptional. Here at DSKnights we don’t look at challenges as a obstacle. We perceive them as opportunities. Opportunities to create new solutions, better products, and a better life for us and our clients. Here at DSKnights we don’t shy away from hard work, learning new things, and change. We embrace it. We know the more we learn, and develop our skills, the better we can help our clients with solutions for the hurtles they are working through. We are passionate about helping our clients with their needs in the ever changing world of digital marketing. Keeping them at the fore-front of new technologies, marketing strategies, and design solutions.


Ryan Sharrer

Ryan is a resourceful, innovative and experienced Internet professional with over 16 years experience managing and developing online presences, web services, database security and various functions for several companies across diverse industries.  He is a respected leader of creative teams, multimedia divisions and corporate communication departments. Conceptualize, execute and maintain secure, online environments that serve the customer’s needs effectively, efficiently and economically.  Ryan has proven leadership in developing, managing and adding synergy to projects that require a team worker, a team leader or a subject matter expert and the delivery of new capabilities for various web applications.


Diana Sharrer

Diana has been in the IT field for many years now starting with the company as a designer, she now is one of our skilled Accounts Managers who will make sure your vision comes to life on the big screen. ?


Carmen Borrelli


Carmen is a web developer with a background in music. He has a classical guitar performance degree, spent time studying music composition at Peabody Conservatory, and gave private guitar and piano lessons for many years. Carmen recently studied mathematics but now concentrates most of his energy on php, css, jQuery, WordPress, and other fun stuff.


Fabio Cuffaro

Is a PPC specialist, active in online marketing since 2003. Through the years he’s become experience in web development, including web design and coding. Having built a network of sites, and marketing them through different mediums such as Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Email, Social and PPC, he has gained extensive knowledge in on-site user experience, lead generation, and marketing as a whole.

Fabio has one true passion when it comes to online marketing: PPC and data analysis. Having experience in so many areas, Fabio has chosen PPC and data analysis as his path.Recognizing his talent and honing in on his skills, he has dedicated himself to achieving excellence in this area of marketing.


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