Design & Cloud Services

Web Design

At DSKnights we strive to give our clients exactly what they need. We do not try to cram in functionality just to pad a quote. We believe that a web site needs to be well designed with your specific company in mind. If you’re going to deal with a company to build and maintain your site, pick one that puts an emphasis on a Code of Honor. DSKnights provides a wide range of Design and Development Services. Specializing in PHP, MySQL, WordPress & Magento Development.

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 What is a Web Host?
Choosing a Good Web Host?

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The Design Process

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 What is a Domain Name?
Choosing a Good Domain Name?


Cloud Services

Because we are using virtualized machines, any hardware failure on a frontend server is easy to bypass — we simply move our clients in real time to a new server. A majority of failures can be mitigated with little downtime but in the event of complete hardware failure we can migrate the virtual machine to a spare server and be up again in under 10 minutes. Even the storage system is redundant and provides automatic, uninterrupted flow of your vital data!

All of your sites are operated in virtual machines. If the physical machine your virtual machine is hosted on experiences a failure, they will be automatically migrated to a spare server without any prolonged downtime. We have designed our cloud hosting to have no single fault layer and to offer our customers an affordable shared hosting solution with enterprise class reliability. We are currently working on the site to integrate our hosting services area in here so that you will be able to purchase and setup your account, until such time you can call one of our Hosting specialists to help you get set up.

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