OLDBrand Development

At Kendrick Creativ, we work with you to discover issues and or opportunities that we can correct or exploit to give you a boost with your brand awareness.  Kendrick Creativ will help you build a brand that your target demographic can build a lasting relationship with. What is Branding? Branding in its simplest form is the look, pricing, and packaging of your business or its product(s). Brand Development is essential to building trust with your target market and will allow you to personalize your business.

Brand Development is the process used to create a lasting and consistent impression of one’s business. You need to make sure that everything is consistent to psychologically imprint your brand into someone’s subconscious. It is like when you hear the phone number 3 times during a radio commercial, the repetitiveness of the phone number is how people are able to remember it. Brand development is the way that you build your brand to use in your branding campaigns.

Attention to detail is important when building a brand, colors, typography shapes, logos, spacing, etc.. are all things that need to be considered when building a brand.

Let’s look at Nike, for instance, they are truly one of the most recognizable brands in the world. The Nike swoosh was designed in 1971 and has been an icon for Nike ever since. Nike has been around since 1964 starting under the name Blue Ribbon Sports, INC But in 1971 when the company changed their name to Nike they began branding the Nike “Swoosh” They have spent a lot of time and money developing the Nike Branding, but it has paid off for them ten fold over the last few decades. Nike has also worked on the branding of phrases “Just Do It” and things such as “Nike Fuel” as a form of measurement. Whether you pronounce it Ni’ke to Nike’e you have spent hundreds of dollars on their products and you are able to recognize the Swoosh as a Nike Brand.