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So you need a website developed? The first question you might have is how to get that done, what will I have to do? Let’s take a few moments to let you know what you are getting yourself or your company into.

To build a professional website is not something you can hire out to do. Yes, I said you can not hire someone to do it for you. Then how is it this firm even exists? Kendrickcreativ specializes in “WordPress Development & Web Marketing”

Translation: Building you a web site and helping you market it so that people come to it and convert into customers.

But no one can build you an effective online business without your input, no one knows your business and your target demographic like you do. that said you might not know who your target demographic is, that is where we come into play. We are the industry experts on how this process is done,  you are the expert on running your business. Together we can plan, design, & develop an effective online business with you to meet your desired goals and help your company grow.

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The Future of Web Design

Let’s face it, most people these days will not even see your full desktop version of your website. Most are surfing, shopping, and otherwise entering themselves on their phones or another mobile device. If you do not have a mobile first design, you are loosing out on targeted traffic.

Current statistics report 51.95% of users are doing their online viewing using their mobile devices, and this number is only increasing.  In comparison to desktop at 43.23% and is declining over time.

In business we are always trying to stay ahead of the trends directly impacting our business through our clients wants and needs. By having a responsive design customized to be viewable on a mobile device, your company is creating an action plan to keep your business relevant and in demand.

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